Providing Personal Legal Representation To Healthcare Professionals

With more than 40 years of active licensure in medicine and 25 years of active licensure in law, Brian Tew has a unique advantage when dealing with the medical board.

Houston Medical Board Defense Attorney

Confidently Defending Doctors, Nurses, and Other Medical Professionals Nationwide

The Tew Law Firm is located in Houston, TX and provides comprehensive nationwide legal representation and assistance for medical professionals facing administrative actions and legal allegations. The firm is prepared to handle a variety of cases involving licensed professionals from all fields of the medical community. Whether you are facing a medical board investigation or peer review, or if you need legal defense against malpractice claims or criminal charges, our medical board defense lawyer has the experience, well-rounded knowledge, and dedication to the needs of clients that can help your case reach a successful resolution.

Licensed Practitioner Of Medicine And Law

I am licensed to practice medicine and law. Because I am a licensed attorney and a physician, I understand the complexities of legal practice and the art of medicine. With my dual degrees, I have been hired as a medical board defense lawyer in numerous cases. I have been hired to take depositions and try cases in numerous state and federal courts. My ability to facilitate communication between professionals of the legal and medical communities has proven invaluable to my clients, and I am able to explain complex medical concepts to juries in simple, understandable terms. Because of my unique perspective, I can immediately delve into complex cases and provide supportive counsel that gives my clients the upper-hand. In a constant pursuit of success, I represent my clients proactively – never reactively.

As a licensed medical practitioner and attorney, I have unique skills to help with your situation.

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Tew Law Firm Confidently Defends Your Medical Practice When Legal Action is Threatened

If you are facing an administrative or legal action that threatens your license and practice, then the consequences you face are too devastating to go without a proper, experienced, and dedicated defense. When you select me to assist you, you will receive my personal attention, as well as my diligence and, when necessary, aggressive legal representation. I understand how difficult the practice of medicine has become and I stand with you, support you, and defend your position.

“Brian Tew saved my career. I was wrongfully terminated from a residency program in another state due to a false complaint by a co-worker and was then denied due process by that institution despite having exculpatory evidence of the false complaint.”


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Having a physician-attorney on your side can provide your case with the unique insight needed to be successful. In addition to my qualifications, I make it a point to treat my clients just as I treated my patients in my medical practice.

I pride my firm on providing personal attention, devoted advocacy, and superior service.

I am always available for my clients seven days a week. I have no aversion to accepting calls whenever my clients have a concern or question. I am also focused on preparing cases extensively while at the same time managing legal expenses in an appropriate, effective manner. Contact the Tew Law Firm to setup a free consultation with our seasoned medical board defense lawyer today!

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