Licensed Physician and Licensed Attorney

Brian H. Tew, M.D., J.D.

I have been a licensed physician for more than 30 years and licensed to practice law for 20 years. With more than 50 years of combined medical and legal experience, I have accumulated a unique skill set that I implement in all cases involving legal concerns about medicine and medical professionals. This experience has allowed me to successfully defend a variety of medical-related legal cases swiftly, intelligently, and successfully.

I received my medical degree from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio in 1978 and my doctor of jurisprudence from the Bates Law School at the University of Houston in 1992. I am a member of the Houston Bar Association, Houston Trial Lawyers Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Southern Trial Lawyers Association, the Belli Society, and the Aletheia Institute. My professional career has spanned a wide spectrum of medical and legal employment, including positions as director of emergency services, medical consultant to CEOs, partner at several firms, appointed member of the Northern District of Ohio’s science committee, and many others.

Unique and Comprehensive Experience on Your Side

My dual degrees and versatile knowledge prove invaluable to medical professionals in need of a lawyer who understands the medical field and the way in which medical boards conduct investigations and review proceedings. Throughout my years of experience, I have tried very complex and difficult cases in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and Texas, and I am willing to assist any medical professional in need of my unique services nationwide.

I have also been retained by large firms to assist in complicated and high-stakes cases to either defend the case at trial or resolve it in mediation. I have tried and won cases involving toxic chemical exposure, traumatic brain injuries, and complex regional pain syndrome. I have won several multimillion-dollar cases in both state and federal court, including cases with state bar presidents as co-counsel and many cases against some of the best attorneys in the country.

Bridging the Gap

The successful outcome of my cases is often hinged on my ability to discredit an opposing expert, as well as my capability to explain complex medical issues to a jury and others in a legal arena. I use these same skills when I represent physicians before a medical board. Not only do I have the clarity and insight to see both sides of an issue, but I believe I also have gained the skills to help others understand and digest foreign concepts. We are all laymen in something. I use this mentality to effectively present a defense to juries and judges and I can explain complex medical concepts in simple, understandable terms.

Over the course of my years as an attorney and as a licensed physician, I have worked with a diverse set of clients, legal industry peers, and medical professionals. Each of my encounters and experiences has afforded me a well-rounded versatility that has helped me improve as a lawyer who must communicate with many different people. In a way, I have gained the tools and experiences to transcend the various fields of law and medicine, facilitate communication and understanding between them, and, in some cases, act as translator. For cases involving medical boards, my medical background and insight make me much more qualified, capable, and successful than other attorneys.

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I firmly believe that my legal and medical background, insight, and experience make me a qualified, knowledgeable, and effective attorney for medical professionals. I understand the severity of these cases and I can identify with the clients I defend. In addition, my well-rounded abilities allow me to competently analyze cases, clearly present facts, and aggressively defend my clients. If you would like to discuss the particularities of your case and learn more about the ways in which I can assist and defend you, contact the Tew Law Firm today.