Chiropractic health care has expanded and developed into a widespread form of personal treatment. As with any other medical professional, chiropractors are licensed individuals who have received training and education in their field of art. As such, they are held to certain requirements and regulations regarding their standard of care and their ethical conduct. Many complaints and allegations against chiropractors can be properly defended if legal representation is sought early in a review process. In cases involving criminal allegations, crimes of moral turpitude and other serious claims, investigations and hearings will require a stronger defense.

Defend Your License

Your license, essentially, is your career. It is what allows you to maintain financial stability and provide for yourself and your family. When administrative or criminal allegations threaten your license, you need to take a proactive defense rather than just simply react. Whether you are facing complaints regarding malpractice, standard-of-care issues, alternative medicine matters, confidentiality breaches or criminal charges, the successful outcome of your case depends on a strong medical board defense and an attorney who can protect your right to due process.

Let the Firm’s Experience Work for You

There are few experiences more overwhelming than the prospect of losing your practice and license. As these times can create tremendous financial strains, the firm always maintains a focus on managing legal expenses in an appropriate manner. I am also intent on being easily accessible throughout your case, and will always remain cognizant of the fact that you are paying for high-quality services, and that I owe you my best efforts.

Aside from this unyielding level of personal commitment I provide for each and every client, my more than five decades of combined medical and legal experience can help you achieve a favorable outcome. Having worked cases in a variety of fields and for a variety of criminal and administrative proceedings, I have the well-rounded skills needed to defend your practice and your rights. I encourage all chiropractors facing administrative, legal or criminal proceedings to bring your case to the firm’s attention so that we can determine if assistance can be provided. Contact the Tew Law Firm today.