The threat of disciplinary actions for dentists can be detrimental to a practice. Competition is always a concern, and the loss or restriction of privileges can result in the inability to provide certain types of care and treatment. As a result, many dentists who suffer these consequences see a marked decrease in their practice, which ultimately places strain on their personal and financial stability. In order to reduce your risk of severe disciplinary actions or criminal penalties, you need to properly and thoroughly prepare for whatever formal action you face. The Tew Law Firm is willing to defend dentists from a variety of allegations, complaints, reviews and investigations.

Protect Your Practice

Medical boards have ample resources and employ highly trained teams of investigators to address complaints regarding dentists. Their goals generally revolve around aggressive prosecutions that are geared toward gaining as many convictions as possible. Some common issues for which legal representation may be required include:

Criminal allegations

Unprofessional conduct

Prescription and pain-management violations

Substance abuse and chemical dependency

Standard-of-care violations

Medical record violations

No matter the nature of your allegation, the consequences you face are too severe to not seek legal assistance. Reviews, hearings and criminal investigations necessitate defense strategies that are strong, convincing and capable of protecting your practice.

Nationwide Dental Defense

The services of the Tew Law Firm are available for dentist throughout the nation. My more than 50 years of combined medical and legal experience can prove indispensable to defending your license and practice. My willingness to extensively investigate, prepare and craft a defense for your case, however, is a key element unrivaled by other medical board defense attorneys. Whether you are hesitant about retaining legal counsel or unsure of what you can expect during the course of your case, the firm encourages you to contact the Tew Law Firm to learn more about what can be done to help your personal situation.