At the Tew Law Firm, a large part of the firm’s practice is dedicated to defending physicians during administrative reviews, hearings, appeals, lawsuits and criminal proceedings. I have successfully handled a variety of cases and issues in Texas and in numerous states throughout the country. As a licensed physician for more than 30 years and a licensed attorney for 20, I have accumulated a depth of insight, experience, professional connections and skills to effectively fight on behalf of physicians. If you need effective medical board defense, the Tew Law Firm is here to help.

Legal Representation and Assistance

No matter the nature of your case, I have the qualifications, unique background and determination to help your case reach a successful resolution. This includes cases of malpractice, criminal allegations and all proceedings related to administrative reviews and hearings. I have tried cases in numerous states, against many medical boards and in state and federal courts.

Information for Texas Physicians

While my experiences have allowed me to engage in various legal issues throughout the country, I am particularly qualified to help Physicians practicing in Texas handle whatever matters they may face with the Texas Medical Board. I am highly familiar with the Texas Medical Board rules and the ways in which they conduct investigations, handle hearings, and penalize physicians.

Over the years, due to political pressure, the Texas Medical Board has become increasingly aggressive in disciplining physicians. In return for passage of tort reform in 2003, the medical board had promised the legislature that it would discipline physicians for deviations from the standard of care. This poses several problems for the physician because it means defending oneself in an administrative setting as opposed to a courtroom during the initial stages. The laws of evidence normally invoked during the court proceeding are not strictly adhered to during an ISC or during state office of administrative hearings proceedings.

While health care providers are entitled to equal protection and due process under both the state and federal Constitutions, the requirements on the Texas Medical Board at the administrative level are somewhat less. This means that it is incredibly difficult for physicians to undertake these hearing without assistance from an attorney who has ample experience.


I cannot overstress the importance of experience and preparation in achieving a favorable outcome during administrative hearings or any type of legal proceedings. I prepare for hearings, trials and motion practice with the same commitment that you have to your case. Too often, physicians believe they can adequately defend themselves and they attempt to resolve an investigation without an attorney who is experienced in medical board matters. Just as you would not advise a patient to administer and monitor complex medical treatments, I never advise a physician to go it alone.

Your livelihood, your ability to provide for your family and your medical license are at stake. I will work closely with you to prepare your defense, develop strategy and to prepare you for every Texas Medical Board encounter. If you think that you may be investigated by the Texas Medical Board, or if you have received notice concerning an investigation, I advise you to retain an experience medical board attorney as soon as practical.

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I know that preparation is key in presenting and defending your case, and I have the skills, experience and knowledge to do so effectively. The better prepared you are to answer the tough questions, the better your chances of prevailing. I spend whatever amount of time your case requires in order to prepare you for a hearing and I am always mindful that you are paying me and that I owe you my best effort.

These medical board investigative matters are difficult and emotionally exhaustive and I am always available to discuss your concerns. My clients all have my email address, personal cell number and home telephone number and can easily contact me. If you would like to learn more about your case and the ways in which I can be of assistance, please fill out a free case evaluation form or contact the Tew Law Firm today.