Medical Board Attorney

Medical students around the country can face a number of administrative or legal actions that can greatly jeopardize their future and professional career. With more than 50 years of combined legal and medical experience, the Tew Law Firm is prepared to represent medical students during any type of medical board hearing, appeal, or other similar matter, including issues related to the following:

Unprofessional conduct

Allegations from supervisors and hospitals

Peer reviews

Disciplinary actions

Licensing or certification restrictions

Substance abuse and DUI

As subordinates of other medical professionals and healthcare providers, medical students often encounter administrative or legal issues that arise from a physician’s improper use of delegation. In addition, medical students commonly face criminal proceedings that can affect their medical careers, including licensing difficulties that result from the use of drugs or alcohol. When this is the case, a skilled attorney can work toward approvals for diversion programs that allow students to preserve their future and career while completing substance abuse education. For example, Texas has a Texas Physician’s Health Program where medical students and professionals can be referred and monitored for drug and alcohol abuse rather than formally disciplined by a medical board.

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Having decades of experience in defending the rights of a variety of medical professionals, the firm is capable of tackling even the most complex administrative or legal actions. What you can expect during your case will always vary depending on the personal circumstances and medical governing board involved. In order to ensure that your rights are upheld and that your future is protected, experienced and knowledgeable medical board defense is vital. To learn more about your case or to schedule a free case evaluation, contact the Tew Law Firm today.