Having been a licensed physician for more than 30 years, I understand the invaluable importance of nurses in the medical community. I have defended nurses in a variety of fields and facilities throughout the nation. I have a well-rounded knowledge of all nurse licensing classifications, as well as experience in defending nurses in hospitals and nursing homes. Throughout my years of experience, I have recognized that the consequences nurses face in hearings, peer reviews or criminal proceedings tend to be the most detrimental to personal and financial well-being. This is why my services have been, and always will be, affordable to anyone in need.

Versatile Defense

I am prepared to defend the licenses of nurses, as well as to provide legal assistance and support for any other formal action they may face. This includes:

Allegations of misconduct

Neglect and malpractice

Quality and standard-of-care violations

Delegation violations

Substance abuse

Hospital peer reviews

Criminal allegations

Depending on the formal action you face, disciplinary actions can range in severity. This can include license and privilege restrictions, probation or suspensions, revocations, and others. Many disciplinary consequences can affect your professional reputation and career in the future, which is why you need an experienced medical board defense attorney who has the insight to fully evaluate your case, provide support and assist you in preparing and defending your rights and your career.

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If you are a nurse facing any formal review, hearing or criminal proceeding, the Tew Law Firm wants to hear your case. The firm offers free case evaluations so that you have the opportunity to learn more about what you can expect and the ways in which the firm can assist you, without the pressure of having to retain legal counsel. To discuss the particularities of your personal case, contact the Tew Law Firm.