Pharmaceutical professionals have become an increasingly prominent target for administrative oversight. There are numerous medical board and federal regulations governing pharmacies and pharmaceutical employees. Violations can result in severe consequences, including suspensions, probation and license revocation. In addition, pharmacies are subject to investigations from various law enforcement agencies that aim to protect the health and safety of their community. Regardless of the actions you face, it is vital to the favorable resolution of your case that you seek legal representation.

Services for Pharmacists

The Tew Law Firm has the skills, experience and determination to take on a variety of cases. Whether you are facing allegations and complaints investigated by a medical board or law enforcement agency, you can be confident that the firm has no aversion to fighting on your behalf. Some of the most common issues pharmacists face may involve:

Pharmacist misconduct

HIPAA violations, including confidentiality violations

Substance abuse

Health and safety code violations

Prescription and pain-management violations and errors


Unprofessional conduct

Criminal allegations

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you can expect invasive investigations and tough prosecution. If criminal charges are involved, especially from agencies such as the DEA, cases can become incredibly high risk and complex. In order to reduce your risk of suffering crippling disciplinary actions or criminal penalties, you need an experienced medical board defense attorney who has the ability to help you prepare for a review, and the willingness to fight aggressively and intelligently when necessary on your behalf.

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To learn more about the actions or allegations you face, contact the Tew Law Firm as soon as possible. Threats to your pharmaceutical license can result in life altering repercussions that are simply too severe to go without a strong defense. If you need an experienced and proven attorney who is focused on meeting the personal needs of clients, you need the Tew Law Firm.