Peer Review & Medical Board Defense

Individuals who hold a physician in training (PIT) permit are held to similar standards of ethical conduct and care as licensed physicians. The Texas Medical Board issues PIT permits to eligible medical school graduates or individuals who have completed a Fifth Pathway Program and have been accepted into an approved postgraduate training or fellowship training program. At the Tew Law Firm, I, Attorney Brian Tew, draw from more than 50 years of experience as both a licensed physician and lawyer to guide physicians in training through their particular dispute or disciplinary action. The firm also employs a talented and experienced criminal defense attorney, which aids clients facing criminal charges that compromise their medical careers. For physicians in training, residents, and medical students, the firm is prepared to handle a wide range of matters, including, but not limited to, the following:

Peer reviews

PIT Permit or license investigations or denials

Disciplinary actions

Restricted permits or licenses

State or territory medical board restrictions, suspensions, or revocations

Criminal charges, including felonies, misdemeanors involving the practice of medicine, and misdemeanors involving crimes of moral turpitude

Failures to report extenuating circumstances, including arrests and medical diagnoses

Whether you have an initial PIT permit, a rotator PIT permit, or an institution change PIT permit, the firm has the wide breadth of experience to address the problems you face. In addition to representing physicians in training, the firm also provides legal assistance to program directors who are facing disciplinary actions relating to a physician in training, including complaints and failures to report, among others.

Protect Your Future & Career

Disciplinary actions and other issues with the medical board can negatively impact your personal and professional future. In the most severe cases, they may devastate your livelihood and prevent you from obtaining a license. As these cases can vary considerably depending on the unique facts involved, it is strongly recommended that you seek personalized attention from a nationwide medical board lawyer as soon as possible. Take the steps needed to learn more about your case and how the firm can help. Contact the Tew Law Firm for the representation you need.