Psychologists often endure subjective scrutiny from medical boards and regulatory agencies. Although their services are a necessity for many patients, public opinion of their practices can often result in unfair investigations and disciplinary actions. Psychologists also walk a fine line when it comes to an outsider’s conception of their ethical conduct. These matters are difficult to defend without an attorney who can explain technical ideas in an easily digestible manner.

Potential Violations

Depending on the nature of your practice, you may face a variety of allegations and actions. These can include:

Unprofessional conduct

Sexual misconduct

Confidentiality violations

Boundary violations

Fees and billing practices

Alternative forms of treatment

Substance abuse


Criminal allegations

Psychology boards have the ability to impose severe disciplinary actions, including license restrictions, suspensions and revocations. In cases involving criminal allegations or crimes of moral turpitude, legal defense become a necessity in order to avoid harsh penalties. Formal complaints will begin with thorough investigations into your professional and personal life, as well as hearings, reviews, informal settlement conferences and other administrative actions.

Psychologists must also keep in mind that administrative hearings promote a hostile atmosphere in which convictions are a top priority. If you believe such an action is in your immediate future, or if you have already been notified of a pending investigation, it is in your best interest to bring your case to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

Experienced Defense for Psychologists

If you face administrative actions that threaten your license and practice, you do not need to take on these proceedings alone. Should you choose to work with the firm, you will have an experienced and compassionate medical board defense attorney by your side throughout the entire process. Extensive preparation is essential in these cases, which is why swift action is a must if you desire to strengthen your defense. To learn more about the firm’s legal services, contact the Tew Law Firm today.