Nationwide Medical Board Defense

Residents who practice their field of medicine under the supervision of a fully licensed physician, medical professional, or hospital are also held to strict ethical and practice standards. Residency programs throughout the country are governed by the same guidelines as traditional healthcare providers, but residents also face unique situations when it comes to disciplinary actions. The Tew Law Firm is prepared to represent residents in any medical field during medical board hearings or other administrative and legal issues.

Common issues that arise for residents are denials of another contract or release from programs for inadequacies. In addition to challenging wrongful terminations, the firm is also capable of handling cases that involve appeals, allegations, licensing issues, work hour requirements and others. It is too often the case that residents and medical students are persecuted by medical faculty or senior residents. When they are terminated for reasons other than their ability, the consequences can be devastating. As a licensed attorney for 20 years and a licensed physician for more than 30 years, I have the well rounded experience needed to resolve residency administrative matters.

Proudly Representing Residents

No matter what type of administrative or legal action you may be facing, the firm has the medical insight, legal skills, and commitment to effectively represent residents. For residents, administrative and disciplinary actions are extremely serious matters that can hold significant bearing on their professional career and personal well-being. As such, experienced representation and a proactive medical board defense are essential to the favorable outcome of your case.

If you would like to discuss your case in order to learn more about what you can expect during your personal situation and how the firm can be of assistance, the firm strongly encourages you to do so as soon as possible. Easily accessible and available for clients in need, the firm can fully analyze your case, determine your options and swiftly begin working on a strong defense plan. Contact the Tew Law Firm to discuss your case.