Social workers have an admirable occupation. As licensed professionals, social workers are also subject to standard-of-care and ethical-conduct regulations for the services they provide. When they face allegations or criminal charges, the impact of investigations and consequences can also affect the lives of their clients. This is why swift action and proactive defense is essential in dismissing cases before they can escalate and be publicized. If you are a social worker in need of legal representation, the Tew Law Firm is prepared to review your case, inform you of your options and explain how the firm can be of assistance.

Common Allegations

Among the various allegations social workers may face, the most common complaints tend to concern ethical violations. When administrative agencies become involved and begin investigations, they often fail to exercise objectivity, as many believe the clients of social workers to be in a position of vulnerability. Ethical violations may result in professional sanctions that can affect the employment and future of social workers. In some cases, these violations can result in serious criminal charges. When this is the case, legal representation is vital in reducing the risk of suffering fines, criminal penalties and criminal records.

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Whether you face administrative, legal or criminal proceedings, the Tew Law Firm is willing to hear your case, answer your questions and concerns and determine if legal representation is necessary and viable for your situation. The firm also offers free case evaluations, which can allow you to receive free legal advice, even if you do not require legal services or choose not to work with the firm. Social workers provide commendable services for our communities and you deserve to learn about your case and how you can defend your rights and future. Contact the Tew Law Firm today.