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As a medical professional, your healthcare license is an important investment – not to mention an integral part of your career, reputation, and livelihood. If you need a healthcare license defense lawyer, contact Attorney Brian Tew today. With degrees and experience in law and medicine, Attorney Tew has the knowledge, understanding, and experience to protect your medical license in the face of an accusation. If you were accused of a criminal or professional offense and are afraid of losing your healthcare license, call the Tew Law Firm for the legal guidance and representation that you need.

Can I Lose my Medical License?

You can lose your medical license for a variety of reasons. Generally speaking, any type of serious professional wrongdoing (such as fraud, patient abuse, or sexual misconduct) can result in a healthcare license revocation. Other reasons might include poor documentation, faulty record keeping, medication violations, criminal convictions, substance abuse, and unethical conduct. For example: a doctor might lose his/her medical license for committing sexual misconduct with a patient. Additionally, a doctor might lose his/her healthcare license for treating patients in a state that he/she is not licensed to practice medicine in. If you were accused of a similar infraction, contact the Tew Law Firm today for the medical license defense that you need.

Medical Peer Review and Medical License Defense

Medical peer review occurs when a committee of doctors, physicians, or other medical professionals investigates the professional behavior of their peer. Peer review committees are designed to determine whether or not a specific doctor or healthcare provider acted in a way that is acceptable. If the committee concludes that their peer acted inappropriately or provided inadequate care for a client, it may recommend a license revocation. During the peer review process, the professional in question will provide medical records and other documentation of his/her work. Doctors with poorly documented records may be placed at a disadvantage.

Additionally, doctors with faulty or inaccurate records may lose their healthcare licenses. The medical peer review system could be described as quasi-judicial. In other words, it is similar to the jury system and begins when a plaintiff requests the investigation. If you are facing a medical peer review, contact the Tew Law Firm today. Peer review is important – especially if your job is at stake. Attorney Tew has extensive experience working as a legal professional and the medical doctor. Let him put this experience to work for you. The Tew Law Firm can provide the effective medical license defense you need and is prepared to represent physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacies, chiropractors, social workers, and licensed therapists.

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Peer Review Hearing?

The term “malicious peer review” refers to a peer review that is instigated against a doctor or other healthcare worker for personal reasons – not his/her professional conduct. Sometimes, peer reviews are initiated to attack a doctor instead of uphold medical standards. This type of peer review is abusive and continues to spark a great deal of controversy in the medical community. Because of this, peer reviews must be conducted according to the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 (HCQIA).

The HCQIA establishes a professional standard for review boards to follow. For example: the HCQIA states that the peer review board must give the physician fair warning that he/she is subject to review. During the hearing, the physician has the right to obtain legal representation. A lawyer can help you cross-examine witnesses, investigate evidence, present evidence in your favor, and submit a written statement. The physician also has the right to obtain a record of the hearing proceedings.

What Can the Tew Law Firm Do for Your Case?

Facing a peer review is never easy. If you are afraid of losing your healthcare license because of a peer review, you need a skilled healthcare license defense attorney fighting for your case. The Tew Law Firm can help you understand your rights and legal options during the peer review process. Additionally, a strong defense lawyer may be able to protect your medical license from revocation. With the right peer review defense attorney on your side, you can have peace of mind that your case is in good hands. The Tew Law Firm has years of experience helping medical professionals protect their careers, businesses, and reputations. Fill out a free case evaluation to see what the Tew Law Firm can do for your case. The sooner the firm hears from you, the sooner Attorney Tew can begin creating an effective strategy to protect your medical license.