You have the right to appeal decisions reached by a medical board and the right to contest the findings of an ISC panel. You also have the right to a hearing before an administrative judge and the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). These hearings are conducted in a similar fashion to a trial, with the collection of depositions, and the use of expert witnesses. The judge will act as the finder of fact rather than a jury. It is widely and highly recommended that you have medical board defense legal assistance when engaging in an SOAH.

Working Within Your Means

The ability to appeal and contest decisions can be a beneficial tool if your case and situation requires you to exercise that right. With more than 50 years of combined legal and medical experience, I have no aversion to fighting medical boards and appeals proceedings on your behalf. I am aware, however, that both your licensing career and your wallet are also on the line. One of the motivations when first entering this field was to provide these services at a reasonable price. If a physician has limited financial resources, the physician has limited means with which to fight the board or engage in appeals, and therefore needs to conserve their money.

I do everything in my power to help my clients’ cases reach a favorable resolution before a SOAH becomes an option. When the situation arises, I make it a point to prepare cases extensively while at the same time managing legal expenses in an appropriate manner. I am capable, confident and happy to take cases all the way to the Supreme Court, provided that the physician has the time, energy, funds and desire to do so.

Learn About Your Appeal

If you would like to contest or appeal a decision reached by a medical board, or if you feel that a medical board appeal may be necessary in your case, the firm strongly urges to act quickly. SOAH proceedings require strong, prepared and precise defense plans, and contacting the Tew Law Firm as soon as possible can greatly strengthen your chance of obtaining a successful outcome.