Physicians and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) who provide anesthesia services in an office setting are held to standards of care and ethical conduct. As such, they are also subject to disciplinary actions from medical boards. Generally, all licensed anesthesia providers must register with their respective board and must provide proper equipment. They must also meet regulatory requirements, competency guidelines and professional licensing standards.

Each physician or medical professional who administers anesthesia or performs a procedure for which anesthesia services are used must register for office-based anesthesia (OBA) and comply with current OBA regulations. This applies to all levels of anesthesia services in an office setting, including:

Level I Services: Delivery of analgesics or anxiolytics by mouth, as prescribed for the patient on order of a physician, at a dose low enough to allow the patient to remain ambulatory.

Level II Services: Delivery of analgesics or anxiolytics by mouth in dosages greater than allowed under level I and tumescent anesthesia, as prescribed for the patient by a physician.

Level II Services: Delivery of analgesics or anxiolytics other than by mouth, including intravenously, intramuscularly, or rectally.

Level IV Services: Delivery of general anesthetics, including regional anesthetics and monitored anesthesia care.

Each level of service entails distinct standards and requirements, including those administered at outpatient settings. Many of these standards involve requirements for personnel and equipment. For any medical professionals practicing in the state of Texas, office-based anesthesia regulations are listed in the Texas Medical Board Rules §192.

Facing Formal Actions

Depending on your case, you may face formal action from a medical board or from proceedings resulting from a criminal charge. In either situation, the consequences and penalties of violations, misconduct or serious allegations can be devastating. You can face severe suspensions, revocations of certifications and bars that can greatly impact your personal and financial stability in the future. One of the largest mistakes made by those who face such actions is that they do not seek legal assistance, which causes them to engage in hearings, reviews or cases unprepared. In order to avoid the negative repercussions and to ensure that you have a proactive defense, it is strongly recommended that you seek experienced medical board defense as soon as possible.

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