Medical Board Defense Attorney For Sexual Misconduct

If true, allegations of sexual misconduct by a medical professional or other healthcare providers can be fatal to a license. False accusations are more common than one might imagine and can be just as devastating to your license and career. Even if you know that allegation to be false, you should be represented by an experienced medical board defense lawyer. Sadly the board often treats such allegations as if they were true until the accused individual appears at an informal settlement conference (ISC) and proves why they are not. This is probably due to the persistent public sentiment that many medical professionals have been shown too much leniency in the past. Mounting an active defense is critical in order to protect your medical license and career.

If you have been accused of sexual misconduct as a physiciannursedentistchiropractor, psychologist, or licensed therapist, call The Tew Law Firm right away. I have two degrees: one in medicine, the other in law. As an M.D. and an attorney, I understand the practice of medicine and how difficult and troubling complaints and board investigations can be. I have practiced as a physician and understand healthcare delivery from the inside. Don’t let false accusations of sexual misconduct ruin your career. Call now to set up a consultation and learn how a medical board defense lawyer can fight in defense of your reputation and career.

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As a lawyer, having defended medical professionals from all kinds of wrongful accusations, I have what it takes to represent you. I have handled all types of medical board defense, ranging from sexual misconduct, alcohol and drug addiction, improper delegation and supervision, standard of care violations, medical board appeals to medical records release and pain management. The sooner you contact my firm, the sooner you can begin to protect yourself from further damage. I can help you disprove any accusations made against you as quickly as possible so that you can continue a thriving career. Call toll free at 888.756.8591 or complete my firm’s online case evaluation to get started.