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Alternative Medicine

Learn more about our legal representation for all complementary and alternative medicine branches.

SOAH Defense Lawyer

The respondent has a right to appear personally, by counsel, or both. Learn more our SOAH defense representation.


Delegation violations will vary from case to case, but consequences are almost always severe – learn more about defending your rights.

Healthcare License Defense

Your healthcare license is an important investment and you can lose your medical license for a variety of reasons, learn more.

Informal Show Compliance Process

Learn more about the ISC Process and how The Tew Law Firm will give you expert professional guidance and direction in an ISC Process.


Some issues can be resolved outside of formal procedures. Learn more about The Tew Law Firm’s strong legal assistance and support.

Medical Board Appeals

Learn more about how The Tew Law Firm will do everything possible to reach a favorable resolution before a SOAH becomes an option.

Medical Board Defense

Defense proceedings regarding your medical practice can be overwhelming and intimidating experiences. Get assistance, Learn more

Medical Board Complaint Investigations

Medical Board Complaint Investigations are an extremely serious matter and require expert assistance. Learn more.

Medical Records Release

Learn how The Tew Law Firm can help defend you and your office from serious consequences regarding medical records handling.

Medical Staff Privileges

The Tew Law Firm can help if you are facing hospital or administrative peer review proceedings, learn more about your rights.

Negotiating an Agreed Order

An agreed order is an advantageous settlement tool for the license holder to use in avoiding a hearing.  Learn more today!

Office Based Anesthesia

Physicians and CRNAs who provide anesthesia services in an office are held to standards.  Learn more about assistance.

Pain Management

Medical boards establish extensive guidelines regarding a physician’s treatment of pain.  Learn more about these regulations.

Sexual Misconduct

If true, allegations of sexual misconduct by a medical professional or healthcare providers can be fatal to a license.  Learn more.

Signing Death Certificates

If you did not timely register for electronic filing, the Texas Medical Board may take action based upon the violation. Learn more