My philosophy when taking on a case, especially one involving the defense of a medical professional, is influenced by my unique background and genuine desire to provide the best legal assistance and support possible. As a licensed physician for more than 40 years and a licensed attorney for 25, I blend my diverse experiences and my legal and medical knowledge into a philosophy that allows me to better serve my clients and deliver them successful results.

Personal Attention

Many law firms tend to use the claim of personal attention or client focus as a selling point. At the Tew Law Firm, I am earnestly interested in the cases I accept because I can identify with the medical professionals I serve. In any case I work, I treat my clients in the same way that I treated my patients. In addition to the legal assistance I provide, I also devote my genuine support, as I know these situations are far from easy. I also make myself readily available seven days a week and do not charge for phone calls because I do not want physicians to be reluctant about calling me when they are concerned.

My legal practice, just as my medical practice, is about quality, not quantity. These cases are invaluably crucial, as is the health of patients, and the threats and consequences these cases pose require extensive time and effort. This is why I always spend a great deal of time working personally with physicians and other medical professionals when deciphering their cases and determining all of the facts. I also make it a point to assure my clients that my job is to represent and defend them, not to criticize their personal behavior. With the unvarnished truth that comes from open, honest, and personal communication, I can create much stronger proactive approaches and defense strategies.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

My extensive background in both the legal and medical fields has allowed me to understand how crucial perspective is to cases involving highly technical fields of knowledge. This applies to those in the legal arena, medical community, and to members of juries. While preparation will always be essential to successful resolutions, the ability to communicate and present a defense to a diverse audience is indispensable. In many ways, I act as a translator, facilitator, and knowledgeable mediator for legal professionals, medical professionals, and all the laypeople in between.

I have met many of the attorneys practicing before different administrative boards and they are very well qualified to handle these matters. I believe, however, that my perspective and ability is wholly unique because of my medical training and my years spent in private practice. I also have extensive experience in litigation in both state and federal courts and have tried cases in numerous states.

Get to Know Tew Law Firm

I feel that my unique experience, background, and perspective have warranted my record of success. I also believe that it makes me a strong candidate to represent your case. While aggressive legal representation is laudable, it is also important that your attorney be realistic and frugal with your money and not promise that which can never be delivered. To put things simply: I am here to help, I have the qualifications to do so, and I have the unique experience and perspective to build a strong and successful defense for whatever your case may bring. I encourage all medical professionals interested in the firm’s legal services to contact the Tew Law Firm and learn more about my philosophy.